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How AI can help in feedback analytics?

Running a business without clear customer insights is similar to traveling without a GPS in a vehicle. Although you will be progressing, it might not be in the proper direction. That’s where feedback analytics comes into play.

When you’re building a business and serving customers, feedback analytics keeps you on the right path.

Feedback analytics is the process of collating and analyzing data from many customer touchpoints such as social media, surveys,

and reviews. This allows you to understand the sentiment of your customers and uncover insights that can help improve your business.

Anyone can create feedback forms and start collecting feedback, but the real challenge lies in extracting the insights. AI helps businesses extract insights and understand what issues are driving customer contact by providing a closer look at t

he underlying data.

The different AI methods used in feedback analytics are

1. Sentiment Analysis is the process of determining whether a piece of writing is positive, negative, or neutral

2. Keyword or Aspect Analysis identifies specific 'things' in the text.

3. The topic analysis takes into account the context of that word and the meaning of the piece of text in the feedback.

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